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Lead Flashings | Valleys | Aprons | Gulleys | Chimney Gutter

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Lead Flashing Repairs | Valleys | Aprons | Gulleys | Chimneys

Installing Roofing Lead Flashings | Valleys | Lead Aprons | Gulleys | Step Flashing | Back Gutters To A Chimney | Lead Soaker's

How much will your lead repair cost?

Usually we can give you a quick estimate over the telephone for those small lead repair jobs and when the problem has been assessed by one of our experienced roofers, we can usually carry out the repair work on the same day as you receive your estimate.

If you have noticed emerging problems with the existing lead materials installed to your domestic, commercial or industrial property, it is advisable to get them looked into as soon as possible so you do not end up having a completely different repair, more severe and more expensive problems later on.

Call us any time for good advice or you can arrange an appointment for your repairs. We will visit you at your domestic, commercial or industrial premises at a time that fits into your schedule, we will evaluate the lead repair work that needs repairing and give you a no hidden fees free quote for the entire work required at the best price possible.

There are various uses on tiled and slate roofs for lead and flashings. An apron flashing also known as a cover flashing, step flashing and flashings around a chimney, used extensively in valleys, gulleys and on hips instead of ridge tiles. This page will explain to you the basics of how to we fit apron and step flashings which are the most common types of slate roof and roof tile flashing.

Apron flashing and step flashing are probably the most popular type of materials used in the United Kingdom. Often seen to the front and rear of chimneys, adjacent to brick work on a flat roof and where the roof is in contact with any brick work to the property. Also seen on slated roofs and tiled roofs where the lead flashing touches a vertical brick wall like a porch, conservatory, garage and around bay windows.

How to point brick work – This is a quick guide to pointing up, for brick work, chimneys or roof details like step lead flashing. A decent pointing trowel can be found on this page or in the links at the bottom of the page.

We often need to cut out a new chase channel into the mortar between the brick courses, we always use a measurement of ( 1″ ) 25mm this is recommended as the minimum depth for all Lead Flashings to be set in to the chased out brick wall.

Occasionally the bricks become unstable or loose, this happens for a number of reasons and must be considered within the estimate before further repairs are carried out ensuring the lead flashing cost is correct.

On older properties brickwork walls and chimneys, mortar becomes loose and sandy, the deeper we cut the higher the likelihood of loosening the bricks.

The strength and bond of bricks surrounding windows and lintels can become disturbed or loose over time, extra care is taken when repairing this type of work.

Even on the new buildings that are cropping up all over Essex and Suffolk we have noticed to the rear of many properties unseen problems, the face of the brickwork has uneven gaps. 25mm removed from the front face of the mortar joints may not be enough to help matters and we may have to cut a little deeper into the brickwork enabling the lead flashing and new mortar to get a solid hold.

When removing the existing mortar from the brickwork we use mortar raking tools, a small angle grinder with diamond raking discs, a Mortar Sorta with diamond drill bits and chasing chisels. This process is called raking out.

Lead Flashings are usually created using code 4 lead, this is the recommend type of lead because it provides a good malleability and is more resistant to fatigue and splits that are caused by the expansion and contraction process. Code 3 lead is thinner and lighter, this will be used for lead soaker's. Lead soaker's are unseen waterproof sections of lead that are situated beneath slates and some roof tiles.

Lead Flashings, valleys, gulleys, chimney back gutters, soaker's and aprons will last for decades, as long as the sections used are installed correctly and not too long in length.

If you need an experienced roofer because you require lead work repairs to your property call us now on Colchester 01206 870339 or you can contact us using the emergency repairs hot-line number: 07904412839.

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