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Outdated Pour And Roll Method Old Style Tar Felt Chippings

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Outdated Pour And Roll Method Old Style Tar Felt Chippings

Old style Flat Roofing the Pour and Roll method.

Pour and roll membranes are applied onto roofs by using hot bitumen. Bitumen is a bi product of the petrol refining industry. Bitumen is supplied in 25kg blocks or tubs it is then usually broken up on site and heated in a specialist boiler until it is molten. Once at the correct temperature it is ladled into buckets- some boilers have taps to ease this process.

The felt for flat roofing is set out and cut to length. It is then rolled back- One operative will pour the molten bitumen on to the surface and the other will roll the felt over allowing the bitumen to squeeze out of each side. The surplus is then wiped over with wallpaper stripper.

The finish layer will usually have a mineral or slate chipped finish impregnated into the surface of the felt. Keeping this free of surplus bitumen. Using a roll and pour method is very skilled- that is why most companies that install flat roofing will now only use a Torch On Felt systems.

Most modern operatives would not now know how to roll and pour a final mineral chippings surface top layer. A rolled and poured roof is the king of felt roofing. The bond created is arguably stronger than the bond that is created when using a self adhesive or torch on membrane, but there are some drawbacks. Applying a membrane in this way is a skilled technique that will require the use of a professional roofer.

There are fewer companies now who have the skills and equipment to carry out this type of flat roofs and installation, and it is more expensive, but applied correctly it is the Rolls Royce of felt roofing.

We provide a high quality service at competitive rates, whilst also ensuring that your roofing membrane is fitted correctly.

The demise and bad name associated with felt flat roofing.

In some ways its quite sad but the roll and pour method was also responsible for the demise and poor name flat roofing has suffered. With the rising cost of bitumen many installers started to apply the bitumen using cotton floor mops so spreading it more thinly and saving money. This process caused a hit and miss bonding between the layers and a weakness in the overall system allowing water to permeate between the layers and causing leaks.

Pour and roll membranes for flat roofing will typically use three layers of felt membrane, and a final layer which is referred to as the cap sheet and will normally have a granular finish available in different colours. It can be argued that this is the best option if you are thinking about investing in a new flat roof. This of course will save you money in the long run. Companies who can undertake this type of installation properly are few and far between.

Cost Effective New Roof Installations

Cost Effective New Installations

  • 20 to 30 Year Manufacturer Guarantee
  • New Installations also Guaranteed by us
  • New Materials last up to 5 Times Longer
  • Resistant to UK Weather Conditions
  • Golden Rule is Never to use Tar and Felt
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The traditional tar, felt and mineral finish is the most problematic of all materials used and often only lasts between 5 and 10 years before leaks begin to appear.

We can carry out a short term repair for you quickly and cost effectively. The main purpose of this would be to stop the initial leak from causing any further damage.

Maintenance work will buy you some valuable time to get a professional job done that will last 20 to 30 years.

Flat roof repairs and new installations

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